“Freshly Hand Made…

Preservative Free…

Honest Burgers !!

Can Nutrition and Taste go together? Often not, but we have a success story from GoneBurger to emphasize natural ingredients brings out the real taste of burgers!

The story of GoneBurger is one of REAL food, GREAT people and a focus on HEALTHIER, Handmade Quality Burgers with Fresh Ingredients.

“Delicious & Nutritious” has been our mantra from the start, and still is to this day.

At Goneburger, the Burger ingredients have always been made from scratch keeping them preservative and chemical free. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL has been their language. Local suppliers provide bacon, cheese, protein and vegetables. Sauces are made from scratch implying all you eat is a healthy fresh meal! What more can you ask for!?!

Located in Hamilton East, Goneburger is a family friendly restaurant, offering a menu that will leave you wanting nothing. In fact you might need some help getting into the car, you’ll be satiated!

Back when Popup Shops were all the rage, in April 2013, GoneBurger was created in a mobile trailer. It was a speedy set up, and initially was parked up in Cambridge during the weekends and in Hamilton throughout the week. GoneBurger has been created to offer a healthy option, more humane. Using free range meat, making everything himself and as organic as possible.

How are we doing today?

Change is permanent and GoneBurger has adapted change to its location but not to its goal and mantra! We have not only been maintaining our standards from the very beginning but are enhancing them. We are also trying to be environment friendly by using eco-friendly cups and containers.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Coeliac or a hangry kid – Goneburger has it all. Turn your burger into a wrap – no problem, Goneburger offers it. Endorsed by a top NZ Nutritionist, Jake Campus, we have burgers for every kind of diet conscious burger enthusiast.

Belly of the Beast, Meat the Ex, My Deer, Drunken Sailor and Big Daddy are all still on the menu, three years in, as are the hand-cut fries and onion rings, but now you have a much bigger decision on your hands with The Classic, Hawaiian Swine, venison, lamb and chicken salad.

In the last three years, the trailer moved into Hamilton East in 2015, assuming a permanent residence at 9 Cook Street continuing the journey for Goneburger as a restaurant.

The staff at GoneBurger LOVE burgers, they are a young, vibrant team adding their expertise by taste testing showing their passion for Burgers. They work hard, play hard, study hard and best of all MAKE REALLY GOOD QUALITY BURGERS. It is a family, and we love sharing that vibe with you.

Come along, say hi to our staff and bring an appetite and some friends.

We would love to serve your savour with our BIG MESSY BURGERS!